Set of Scrolls WUB0360-1

Set of Scrolls WUB0360-1

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Looking for something new to customize with?  Try out these WoodUbend mouldings to quickly and easily enhance any upcycled furniture or craft project.  All you need is a heat source, some good quality wood glue and a surface to stick your WoodUbend to.  Once adhered you can paint and enhance as you like.  Add beautiful custom details to your work.  

Easy to use just:

– Heat the WoodUBend moulding with a heat gun , hair dryer or on a pan.

– Apply glue to the surface or the entire back of the WoodUBend moulding.

– Press the moulding onto surface firmly.

– Heat once more.

– Remove excess glue with a Q-tip, baby wipe or wet paint brush.

– Enjoy!  

14 cm x 4.5 cm 

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