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Metallic Cream 4oz

Metallic Cream 4oz

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From adding soft, subtle hints of glam to solid coverage for a bold metallic look, you can use Metallic Cream to show off your creative flair. 

Application of this Country Chic Paint product couldn’t be easier: Metallic Cream is wonderfully thick and velvety and can be used just as it is, right out of the jar. Simply apply the metallic cream of your choice with a sponge or paint brush directly to your piece, or apply over a base coat of paint in a similar color to create an opaque metallic finish.

Metallic Cream is quite durable on its own, but if you require extra protection you can seal your piece with a Clear Coat.

Metallic Cream Product Features:

  • Available in five colors: Silver Bullet (silver), Pocket Watch (gold), Belt Buckle (bronze), Trigger (pewter), Lucky Penny (copper)
  • Adds stunning, unique detailing to any piece
  • Water-based and Eco-friendly; contains NO harsh chemical additives such as phthalates, formaldehyde, heavy metals, or solvents
  • Very easy to apply!
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