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Adhesive Silk Screen Stencil - Bursting Blossom

Adhesive Silk Screen Stencil - Bursting Blossom

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 Gorgeous results for such an easy to use product! Perfect for home decor,glass,fabric and furniture. These silk screen stencils are 8.5 inch by 8.5 inch and made of a flexible nylon. They work very well with chalk paste to create fast designs with ease. You can also use silk screen stencils with chalk paints or other mediums. Being adhesive they don't slip during use which is very helpful. I still recommend using painters tape on the edges though to make sure you don't brush or scrape your paste over the edge. You can wash them immediately after use so you can use them over again. A great way to get creative with your decor.


1. Take the back side waxy paper off the stencil, and pull off the stencil from top to bottom or side to side. Do not stretch it sideways so it keeps it's shape. Keep the waxy paper and set aside.

2. Position your stencil on your surface. Using removable painters tape tape around edges to you don't scrape pastes or paints over the edges by mistake.

3. Drag chalk paste over stencil using a soft scraper or squeegee. Then scrape off the extra medium with your squeegee, and return paste to its container. You need very little chalk paste.

3. Remove the stencil slowly from your given surface. Remember to avoid pulling the stencil diagonally so the stencil does not stretch.

4. Wash your adhesive stencil immediately with cool water.

5. Dry the stencil by placing it down on a flat surface with adhesive side up until the stencil is totally dry. When the stencil is dry, put it back on the waxy paper on the shiny side.


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