Vertical Welcome Sign Project

Vertical Welcome Sign Project

I've been seen so many of these vertical signs lately that I had to try one.  I wouldn't want people not to feel welcome if they popped by unexpectedly. 
With so many different ideas out there I decided to give it a try with a sports theme.  Replacing the o in welcome with the logo of my favorite CFL team.  All it took was a bit of Voodoo Gel Stain in the "Tobacco Road" color, a plank, my vinyl cuter and Gator Hide.  If you don't have a vinyl cutter, you can paint on a design or use stickers or a stencil for your letters and logos.    

You could use any of the Voodoo Gel Stains on your plank to achieve the look you want.  They go a long way so pick a stain you will use again.  

These are the types of planks I used.  Starting with a plank and Voodoo gel stain it is a very quick project.  Voodoo Gel Stain is water based making it very easy to use.  I did a quick sand on the plank but it is a rustic look so it is not required.  Then I applied a small amount of stain using a sponge brush until I covered the plank.  I let it dry of 15 minutes.  I wanted it darker on the edges and a bit darker overall so I did one more coat.  I barely used any stain and still have 3/4 or more stain left in the bottle for my next project.  

After a bit more stain was applied to darken it up a bit I waited 15 min.  I then applied my vinyl letters and logos.  Next I applied one quick coat of Gator Hide and let it dry overnight.  You can also use Modge Podge but I wouldn't recommend it for the outdoors.  The Gator Hide is water repellent so I prefer it for crafts that will be outside on a porch.  Once again a very small amount was used.


This project was quick and fun.  I loved using the Voodoo Gel Stain to show off the wood and it is so easy and quick to use.  

Hope this was helpful and you get your welcome sign up soon!



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