Easy and Quick Thrifted Vintage Wreath

Easy and Quick Thrifted Vintage Wreath

Hi All!  It's been a while since I posted on my blog and I have missed sharing my projects with you!  Many of my projects are painted but I figured it would be fun to share my other endeavors with you as well.  Most of my clients who love to chalk paint like myself also love general DIY crafting too so here I go...

This was a super quick spur-of-the-moment wreath.  Dare I say cheap and easy?  I frequently check out thrift stores for paintable pieces but with no luck in that department yesterday, I wandered through the store "just to see" what was out there.  Famous last words.  I might as well just pull out my debit card before I go in.  My local thrift store has a section with vintage Christmas décor all bundled up and sorted by color so I couldn't help myself.  It's kind of fun looking through the bags too when you get home.  You never know what you'll find in there.

I prefer to use recycled wreaths when possible and I usually go for Spring, Fall, or Summer wreaths as opposed to the Christmas garland wreaths. Overall I usually like the results better and find they tend to look more expensive for whatever reason.  Just a preference.  Anything but Christmas base wreaths for me.  I may change my mind if I find the right one but not so far.  

So I picked up too much as usual but here's my haul.


1 x  Fall Wreath

2 X Lot Bags of Vintage Christmas 

1 Partial Roll of Ribbon

Just $21.00 including tax 

Gone are the $10 days for my wreaths but $21 is still pretty good considering I will have lots left over to do a few more things and I am recycling at the same time.  Most of the store-bought wreaths around here start around $45 and the ones I like are usually over $60.  I love doing it this way because the price allows that I can donate the wreath after the Holidays.  Which is a bonus because don't have to store anything and it doesn't get crushed by the next year.  Also, I have an excuse to go thrifting next year again.

So It was super quick.  I only used a glue gun and scissors for this one.  It's not going outside so I didn't take the time to wire in all the ornaments.  Just glue and go.

I just opened everything up.  Tied a bow with the ribbon I purchased.  Tied it in place and secured it with a bit of hot glue.  I had hoped for a beige or gold ribbon but "thrifters can't be choosers".  It was still ok though for $2.50

 Next, I lay down the wreath on a plastic tub lid to save my table and glued away.  Just picking out the ornaments that seemed to go with it.  I loved the long-shaped ones and the apples.


Voila!  Done.  It took an hour to finish while I pretended to watch a Movie with my husband.  Definitely more satisfying to finish something instead of watching TV.  

Hope you enjoyed Cheers! 



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