Outdoor Fire Table from a Spool

Outdoor Fire Table from a Spool

So I picked up this large spool to make into something on the spur of the moment. Glad I had some help or I never would have fit it in my van.  Several funny moments as it was stuck several times but we got it in.   It started out much like this...

So after a few weeks of thinking about what I wanted to do with it (and tripping over it in my garage) it came to me... a perfect fit for an outdoor fire table.   Also a little bonus was if I didn't like it when I was done I could burn it.  So I finally got started.

First I used an electric sander to clean it up a bit.  I only sanded the top surface so it was fairly smooth and so that no nails were sticking up.  Then I talked my husband into cutting a hole in the middle so I could put in a fire top bowl eventually. 

Next was the best part.  Using a small hand torch I burned it all over to give it more light and dark spots all over.  It is a really great way to bring out the grain and you can do as much or as little as you would like.  A small hand held torch gives you a lot of control.  

Next I stained the edges of the table with No Pain Gel Stain in Black as well as the base.  I had to wait 3 days for the Stain to totally dry as I wanted to seal it with Gator HideNo Pain Gel Stain is oil based and Gator Hide is water based so it is recommended to let you stain dry for a minimum of 3 days so you will not have any problems.  I loved the overall look after it was just stained and sealed.

I popped in my fire bowl and it was was done!  I like it best at night when the fire is going.  During the day I thought it still needed something so I added some color by using the base to hold my plant pots.  


I added some flower pots around the base for some color during the day.  

 Hope you enjoyed,

Andrea Hinz



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