Colorantic Sangria Hall Table Makeover

This was a fun transformation!  This little two drawer hall table was ready for an update.  I have been looking forward to trying out the Colorantic "Sangria" Chalk Paint for a while and it seemed like the perfect fit.
First step was removing all the handles and bagging them to get this ready for a good clean.  I was hoping to change the hardware but I always keep the original just in case I change my mind or decide to paint the hardware instead.
Cleaning this hall table is easy using Colorantic Cleaner and Varnish Remover.  I sprayed the entire piece and the mirror frame let it sit and then wiped off dirt and grime with a soft cotton cloth.  This removes the finish a bit as well in preparation for painting.  It is super important to clean your piece so the paint adheres.
Next using my water mister and an 8oz jar of "Sangria" I started my first coat. Let dry for 30 min. 
Then a second coat and let dry for 30 min. I still had quite a bit left over with two coats finished.  Wanting to add a bit more color, I picked out Colorantic "Mermaid Tail" and "Mist" to add some accents on the drawers and side panels.  I also wanted to add some of the same details to the mirror frame.
My favorite part is adding on some extra colors and details.  Using a mister and two separate brushes I brushed on Colorantic "Mist" and "Mermaid" here and there on the drawers leaving it looking distressed and worn.  Once I had the desired results it was left overnight to dry.  
The next day it was coated in Colorantic Natural Bees Wax and rubbed off some with a soft cloth for some added protection.   Then extra detail was added here and there with Black Coal Wax to give it a more worn look.  It was easy to add and rub off any extra if it was too dark as it was already coated in the natural.  
Then some new hardware.....
I was super happy with the results! 
Hope you enjoyed,

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