Quick Stained Glass Mirror Makeover with Colorantic

Quick Stained Glass Mirror Makeover with Colorantic

Here's a very quick little project that can be done with just about any dusty old frame you have around or any thrift shop find that you love-hate!  If you have a nice piece but want to change the style a bit it takes very little time and it can totally transform the look of your frame.  I wanted this mirror to look a bit more "Country Farm House" The dark frame just wasn't working for me but the stained glass was really lovely so I wanted to update it a bit.  This is a really great way to use left over paints and is also a good way to practice blending colors and waxes. 

First a quick clean with Colorantic Cleaner and Varnish Remover.  Using this cleaner is very easy as you spray it on.  Just a spray of the cleaner on the frame and let it sit a bit then a wipe clean with a soft cloth until nothing is coming off the frame onto the cloth.   I also taped up the mirror using painters tape so I wouldn't get any cleaner or paint on the mirror making the clean up very fast.

I then picked out Colorantic's "Cotton Ball" color and gave it two coats.  I added a tiny little bit of "Colorantic's Clothesline" for a touch of blue like in the glass around the mirror. 

I let the paint dry 30 minutes and took out Colorantic's Grey Storm Wax to age it and protect it at the same time.  Using a wax brush I brushed it in the crevices on the frame and here and there on the outer rim and on the rest of the frame.  I let it sit for about 10 min and then wiped back the wax I didn't want and left darker areas where I wanted it.  Wax is great to work with because you can always take back what you don't want or add more easily.  

That's it!  It was so quick any easy and I now like the look as you notice the stain glass around the mirror more and it looks aged but lighter and fresher!


Hope you enjoyed this makeover!
Andrea Hinz
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