Repurposed Glass Tier Tray Making

If you want to try your hand at a tiered tray this is a great way to use up left over paint and make a useful item at the same time.  Like many of us, I had some  glass candle sticks that I never used.  Instead of donating them they are re-purposed in this project. This tier tray was super easy and really inexpensive. 
These have been popping up all over the internet using pizza trays, cake pans, wooden rounds you name it.  You can paint them any color, distress them or use a black marker to make them look like chipped enamel trays.  They are super fun and require very little paint so it's a nice project and a great way to re-purpose items you don't use.   The two plates and matching bowl were purchased at my local dollar store for $3.75.  I used gorilla glue and hot glue which I had on hand and some left over Dixie Belle Paint.  You really don't need much to put these together.   
If you are painting glass and you will be heavily using the item I would recommend one coat of slick stick on the glass before painting to give you a nice surface to paint on and to make the paint on the glass more durable.  In this case I was not worried about it scratching off as it will get very little wear holding up the tiers.
So gather up the items you would like to use to make your tray.
Metal pans work well too...Double check that your combination will balance well so that it is strong enough once glued together.  
Pick your paint color.  I used Fluff because I thought it matched the pattern well and had just a little bit left in this well used jar.
Then you just apply slick stick and paint.  I just painted these because they were not going to have items on top of them. If I painted the plates than I would have used slick stick first.  They needed two coats with 30 min wait time between to dry. 
After you paint you can clear coat to protect if you would like.  I used clear coat gloss to match the shiny finish on the plates.   
Next I used a gorilla glue layer with hot glue on top to glue all the layers together.
It worked best upside down...
Once everything was centered and glued together I left it alone to dry overnight.
I waited a few days before I loaded it up just to make sure it dried well.  I find that Gorilla Glue takes a long time to dry.  But once it is dry it is very strong.  I will try this one again soon with cake pans!
Hope you enjoyed!
Andrea Hinz

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