Amazing DIY Low Cost Kitchen Cabinet Refinishing

Kitchen Cabinet Redo
Time to refresh and update your kitchen?  We used our Dixie Belle Chalk Mineral Paints to makeover this kitchen and loved the results!  This makeover changed a worn out cherry finish with chips, scratches and bare wood in many places to a sleek dark modern coffee bean color.    
Cabinets are very expensive to have refinished or replaced so this technique was exactly what we needed.  With 2 of us, chalk mineral paints and a weekend we were able to complete the entire kitchen.  No sanding was required and results were so,so satisfying!  The in the before picture you can't see the extent of the damage but keep reading and you will see what we had to deal with.  The entire kitchen needed much help.
We started out with a worn out kitchen doors, drawers and cabinets that looked like this up close...
They had water damage with permanent streaks, the tops off each drawer were down to the bare wood from use and the corners were full of little chips and scratches. The finishes were also worn from cleaning and were different colors on each surface... The builder grade had no protection and a very light coat of stain that did not last.  Hard to look at up close.
We started to work with two fold out work tables, zip lock bags and some screwdrivers.  The first step was too take off all the knobs and handles and bag them in a ziplock with all the screws.  Then we removed the doors from the hinges and laid them out on the tables.  I use old twin fitted sheets as work table covers and they stay on perfectly.
The next step was cleaning to prep for the paint.  I used Dixie Belle White Lightening Cleaner.  It works so well and is easy and quick to use.  I sprayed down all the drawers and doors one at a time with the white lightening then wiped clean with a white soft cotton rag(old cut up t-shirt).  Then I did the same with all the surfaces on the uprights still in place and around the bar.  
Once the cleaning was done we were ready to paint!  This is the best part as you see the doors get a new look.  We painted with Coffee Bean 2 coats on both the inside and the outsides of the cabinets.  I used my favorite french tip brush for the design on the doors to get in the corners easily and a regular Mini for everywhere else  We only have to wait 15 min for the paints to dry so with the doors all lined up on the tables we could paint then flip over and start again.  At this point I painted the wall cabinet trim and visible surfaces still attached to the walls.  I even had time to match up the stool legs. We then waited overnight once the 2 coats were done.You don't have to but I prefer too.
I also recommend a very bright work light to make sure you covered everything if you are working dark on dark.  It makes a huge difference and speeds up everything as you don't have to go back and touch anything up.
As you can see Coffee Bean looks a bit grey until it dries like above.  
Then next morning I had a coffee(or 2) and was ready to clear coat.  I used 2 coats Clear Coat Satin as I love the finish but if you want more water proof you could use Gator Hide instead and you will have a very resistant finish.  I'm sure that the clear coat was much better than the builders stain ever was so I ran with it as I love the satin finish.  I would recommend that you apply the clear coat with our sponge.  Having brushed on, rolled on in the past I always find that the light sponge coat dries with no marks and looks more finished and professional in the end. 
After waiting till the end of the day we used gloves and put back up all the doors, and attached back all the handles.  Just to be super safe I will not wipe or clean the cabinets with water for 30 days.  Dixie Belle paint is totally cured in 30 days so it's better to be safe than sorry. 
Now we have a lovely finish and are getting so many compliments on the "NEW" 
kitchen.  Love the way it looks now and it is a pleasure to be in.  The kids still leave dishes in the sink though...
Hope you enjoyed this Chalk Mineral Paint Makeover and it inspires you to refinish yours and safe a ton of money while improving your home!  You don't need any special skills just a weekend and a friend and lots of coffee!  
Thanks for reading,

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