Silk Screen Stencils & Chalk Paste

Silk Screen Stencils & Chalk Paste

Now that we carry chalk paste I have been busy trying out different ways to use it.  Being totally new to chalk paste I thought I would give it a try.  I have used many different stencil techniques going way back to using oil paints but now after using this, never again.  This was so easy and so fast that it is taking me way longer to write up this blog than to use the chalk paste.  Results were so good with this project I can't wait to use it on my next furniture piece!  Not only to speed up the work but because it works like a charm, with super crisp lines and detail.  So hope you enjoy and give this a try soon... 

You just need a jar of chalk paste in the color of your choice, a silk screen stencil and some silicone spreaders.  The jewelry box I was interested in fixing up was glossy black and simple so I went with Chalky White but there are so many colors to choose from.  

So after picking out my silk screen stencil I pulled out the old box and gave it a super good clean with baby wipes. As you can see it needed a good clean.  I didn't want to sand it at all because it was in good shape and I liked the glossy finish.  Baby wipes are very gentle and worked perfectly.


Next I laid out the stencil in the right place on my box.  Our Prima silk screen stencils are sticky on the back to help prevent leaks but can be used again and again if washed right away.   


Next I used painters tape around the edge to protect the surface from the chalk paste and any accidental spill over.  

Then with the silicone spreader I lined up some chalk paste on the left side of the stencil so I could drag it over (flood it) the silk screen.  

Then I just dragged the chalk paste over the stencil with the spreader and made sure I got the entire stencil so that no detail was missed.  The details you can get with these silk screen stencils are awesome.  

Then using the scraper I just scraped up the excess chalk paste and scraped it back in the jar.  It takes so little paste it's hard to believe.  I have enough to do a hundred more in one jar.  

Then the fun part.  I pulled back the stencil very slowly being careful not to stretch it out of shape.  I found that on an angle worked best for this one. 

So after pulling it off I let it dry overnight just to be safe.  I washed the stencil and scraper off right away with warm water so I can use it again.

I wanted to protect the design and wanted to match the original finish on the box so I didn't have to redo the rest of the box.  I used 2 coats of Dixie Belle Clear Coat Gloss with a sponge.  With the clear coat gloss the stencil was protected and the finish matched perfectly to the rest of the box.  It looks like it was always there.  So happy with this silk screen stencil and how easy it is to use chalk paste!  Can't wait to try this again! 


 Hope you enjoyed!

Andrea Hinz


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