Flower Arrangements with Art Resin

Flower Arrangements with Art Resin

Many years ago I took a floral design coarse just for fun.  Ever since I have always enjoyed working with flowers whenever I can.  That had me thinking about how I could use some resin and work with some flowers too.  A few years ago I bought a vase that looked like it had water in it with a couple of flowers but it was epoxy that held the flowers in place.  It looked realistic but had the bonus you never had to water it so I thought I would give it a try myself with a Art Resin kit.


First I purchased some flower stems that I thought all went well together.  The next step is to cut them all apart.  Then once they were all cut apart with wire cutters I gather them in my hand and add the different types of flowers together in a bunch until I like the arrangement.  Once I have the shape and arrangement to my liking I wire it all together with one floral wire.  You could also tie it up with string.  

Then I used some rope to cover the area wired up and to wrapped it around the stems several times and tied off.  Sometimes I use ribbon but I like the rope and had some handy.

I then cut the stems so they will sit in my vase nicely.  I do this way before I get to the resin part.  

When I have a few arrangements ready I mix up my Art Resin  and stir for 3 min.  I take all the flower bunches out of the vases and give the vases a good clean.

Then pour a couple of ounces in the bottom of the vase. Just enough to cover the stems a bit looks great.  You can use on its own to look like clear water or pour over stones,glass, shells or just about anything you can think of in the bottom of the vase.  

Then insert your flower bunch back in the vase into the wet  Art Resin.  Make sure it is exactly where you want it and prop it up on the outside to make sure it stays in place while drying.  Then it needs to sit untouched to harden for 24hrs and it's done.

I really enjoyed making these and like how each and everyone turned out differently.  They even look nice with clear glass and just a few flowers in it.  The possibilities are endless.  I will be doing this again soon.

Hope you enjoyed,

Andrea Hinz




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