Bike Dresser using Decoupage, Blending & Distress Techniques

Bike Dresser using Decoupage, Blending & Distress Techniques

This was a fun project!  This dresser was the perfect size to use a printed design I had of a bike.  First I used the iron on method to decoupage on the bike design.  I should have taken more photo's during this stage but was working away and before I knew it the design was applied.  The steps taken using the iron on method are listed below and I will do another project soon with this method to show you with photos or on video soon.  This design I found on tissue paper.  

The dresser was nice and clean when I received it but I sprayed it all over with White Lightening our degreaser from Dixie Belle anyway.  This cleans and degreases the surface for the best results with chalk paints.  It comes in an 8 oz jar but you only need two tablespoons for a spray bottle full so it lasts forever.  We will be adding small bags to our website so customers can try it if they only have one or two projects to do in the near future.  

After taking off the hardware I painted the drawers and let them dry for 30 minutes. A find a light base like Dixie Belle Cotton or Fluff is a nice base under a print as it keeps the details nice and bright.  

Then I coated the drawers with Gator Hide waited 30 minutes and applied a second coat of Gator Hide to the drawers again.  It's worth it to do the second coat because if you miss even a tiny spot the first time you might have problems with your printed medium not sticking. 

Next I lay out the printed tissue with the bike exactly where I wanted it and cut it in three sections so I could work one drawer at a time.  Then when the print is laid down on the drawer where it should be I cover it with parchment paper and carefully iron the parchment paper on top of the print to adhere it to the drawer.  This heats up the Gator Hide and seals in the print with little to no bubbles.  I love this method!  

Then let it cool. Next another layer of Gator Hide to protect it.  Sometimes it will dry with a few bubbles but don't worry if this happens.  Later after it is dry just put on more parchment paper and iron quickly and it will come right out.    




Then it was time to paint..... Using the color Muscadine Wine I started on the base.... 

Then Vintage Duck Egg in the centre and then brought up the Muscadine Wine again along the top and ran it down the front all the way round.

Once again I worked away and missed out on the pictures ..

The colors were then blended with water using a mister bottle and a brush and then got out my sander and distressed it a bunch.  Once that was done I applied Black Best Dang Wax in Black to grunge it out a bit more in all the creases.  The top surface is painted Caviar and the bottom rail is Caviar too.   

The top was then sealed in Gator Hide and the body of the dresser sealed in Satin Clear Coat.  

Here's a few pictures of it before it left (or rode away).  The colors and blending show up better in these photo's I think.

It was super fun to do.  The possibilities are endless when you ad decoupage to a piece. 

Hope you enjoyed.

Andrea Hinz 

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Thank you for your comment. Yes, this design was on tissue paper. For me the iron on method works the best with tissue paper designs. Paper and posters are too tricky for me so I stick with tissue. I added a photo of the tissue design to the blog as your were right it wasn’t clear what I used. Thanks for letting me know I appreciate it. Next time I will take more photos during the process.


When reading your instructions on applying your picture I am a little confused as you say I layed out the tissue please clarify so I have a picture of a tractor drawn on craft paper do I need to have it on tissue paper or if I have a poster of anything does it need to go on tissue paper I am anxious to try this but I want to be sure. Thankyou for your help. victoria

Victoria whitlow

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