Dixie Belle Wax Demo

Dixie Belle Wax Demo

I find that Dixie Belle Waxes are fun and easy to use on any project.  They come in various colors and can be applied to your painted project after you paint dries.  You typically leave the wax on anywhere from 15 minutes to overnight and then buff your project and take off the excess.  It looks great, creates depth and adds a more protective wax surface to finish to your work. 

Here's a short 30 sec. Dixie Belle Video demonstrating how to use the wax and showing off a finished result.  The combinations of your base color and then your wax will change the outcome of your project.  So be sure to try out different colors on you projects.   They come in 10oz jars of Black, Brown, Grunge Gray, White & Clear and each jar goes a long,long way!

Click this link below to watch the short demo


 Hope this is helpful and gives you some ideas for your next project.



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