Dixie Belle Color Recipe Video - Make over 75 New Colors with your Dixie Belle Paints

I was so excited to make and share this color recipe video!  It's a recipe video to help you create over 75 new paint colors with our Dixie Belle Paint line.  If you just couldn't find the color you wanted but love Dixie Belle Paints this is for you!  Also if your just getting started with Dixie Belle Paints this is a great, economical way to get 3 colors out of 2 paints.  Adding more interest to your piece at a lower cost.  The color recipes are also great for blending techniques as they are complimentary to each other.  Now you can do even more with your Dixie Belle Paints!  My apologies in advance for putting my dog in it....my cat just wouldn't stay still for the photo.  Hope you enjoy!   

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