Repurposed Magazine Rack Using Colorantic

This little project was done with our new paint line Colorantic!  I am so excited to introduce you to the Colorantic Line which is also 100% Canadian made.  This magazine rack redo was done with the color "Exotic Margarita" and was done with less than 2oz of chalk paint. This paint offers a really nice light shabby chic style chalk finish and the colors are beautiful.  So on with the magazine rack redo....  I picked up this magazine rack that was in decent shape in this dark reddish finish.  
First I sprayed on the Colorantic cleaner and varnish remover.  Waited a few minutes and wiped down with a cotton cloth.  This cleans and removes some of the varnish and creates a nice painting surface without sanding.  
Next I picked my color.  I knew I was going to use some transfers of lemons so I liked the "Exotic Margarita" because it matched the transfers color scheme.    
Then I used a water mister and a brush to lightly brush on the paints.  
You can apply as little or as much as you want to achieve the look your going for.  I liked it with just one coat and the original finish really showing through but I did 2 coats because for this project I wanted alot of color.  I let it dry for 30 min and it was dry enough to apply the rub on transfer.   
To make it look more aged I added Colorantic Antique Brown Wax to it in various areas to give it a worn/aged look,  I brush it on lightly and rub off with a soft cotton rag.  You can add back if you take off too much or rub off more if you want.  I didn't wax everywhere just here and there.  
Next I used a Colorantic clear coat and applied it all over with a sponge to seal in transfers and to protect the finish.
It went through the inspection area and was approved for photos.
I loved doing this project as it was so easy and quick and had a whole new look when I was done.  This repurposed magazine rack can now be used for holding baking trays, liquor or wine bottles towels or files. With or without the bow.  
Hope you enjoyed!
Andrea Hinz

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